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Adprudence, the best advertising network offering highest CPM's for your website traffic.

Adprudence is a state of art adnetwork which believes in paying highest CPM to its users. Adprudence affiliation with premier advertisers allows you to earn more than what other networks pay. If you have a site with good traffic add it and start earning cash.

Our goal is to provide maximum CPM for their traffic. We have a good fill rate for every website through Real Time bidding and our partnerships with other networks allow us to improve fill rate. If we have no campaign matching we will use your backup tags to ensure you get best returns for the traffic.

Competitive CPM rates: Our RTB campaigns ensure you get the maximum income from your site.Through our affiliation with big brands and top advertisers we bring high quality ads to your sites.

On-time payments: Our minimum payout is $20 and the mode of payment is paypal.
  • We pay on a Net10 basis. Infact we are the first company which pays within 10 days of month end. Net10 means your earnings in a particular month are payed by the 10th of following month. For example, December earnings will mature at the beginning of Jan, January earnings will mature in Feb, etc. adPrudence uses this time to verify payments.
Payments are processed once per month, on the 10th day of the month.