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adPrudence maintains direct relationships with its publishers. Each website is thoroughly inspected during review process and is obligated to meet our strict guidelines before being accepted to the adPrudence Network. We do not allow blind traffic from exchanges or from unapproved URL's that could jeopardize our advertisers brands. With a supplementary URL-filter we control on which websites the ads appear. Using the “Click Forensics score” feature we are able to control CPM traffic quality as well as avoid fraudulent and accidental clicks for CPC — based campaigns.

Target audience Our network provides advertisers with advanced targeting by Country, Region/State, City, DMA&Zip code, Category, Keyword, Cookie and OS/Browser

Technology: adPrudence uses a standalone third party ad-serving solution providing the industry's most accurate and reliable geo-location services as well as IP Intelligence to allow advanced audience segmentation capabilities. Targeting Optimization adPrudence provides successful optimizations of online advertising campaigns including CPM and CPC. We offer custom-tailored site-specific placements and broad run-of-network reach.